We Speak Your Language

We provide 1st class solutions at all points along the technology ladder. 1 or 2 Clicks is a new breed of technology company with experience inside IT shops ranging in size from a few million to many billions of dollars in revenue. This has provided us the unique opportunity to see how specialization and training can be both beneficial and wasteful.

Having gained much inspiration from Albert Einstein who said...

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

We engineer results that simply work. From custom classroom education to the design and development of unique software solutions; we deliver the goods. Our expertise is the sweet spot where the web meets mobile and we are experts at providing solutions for both platforms.

Not your typical shop. It takes more than strong technical skills to deliver technical solutions and we bridge this gap at many levels. Blending social psychology with computer science, we deliver the punch that delivers. Whether you have a staff of engineers who need to learn new skills or are a company wanting to get on the web, we can help. From management guidance to complex architectural design; we will exceed your expectation at all points on the spectrum.


  • Java 8+
    Whether you are just getting started with Java or are an experienced developer looking to get up to date on the latest release, we have the course for you.
  • Object Modeling
    Learn how to use Object-Oriented design to analyze real-world requirements and design solutions that are ready to code. Students learn how to Think in Objects to identify classes and their relationships to each other.
  • Spring
    We are experts in this open source space, having worked with many Fortune 100 companies across the globe. We tailor Spring to your needs and build a curriculum that includes only the modules you are interested in. Once the core concepts have been nailed down, we explore the myriad offerings Spring lays out on the table. From MVC/REST to Batch/Integration, we are clear about matching the right content with your requirements.
  • Android
    This track teaches programmers how to develop activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers for the Android platform. We explore Intents, data storage using files, SQLite, data adapters, and content providers. We wrap up with coverage of location-based services and application publishing.